If you’ve ever typed out long paragraphs on your smartphone or tablet using the on-screen keyboard, you know that it isn’t exactly a very pleasant experience. There’s something about using a physical keyboard with tactile feedback that makes it easier, but Apple thinks that they can change your mind.

According to a patent discovered by AppleInsider, it appears that Apple is toying around with the idea of a keyboard made out of glass. The idea is that by using glass, the company believes it could not only result in keyboards that are longer lasting that does not have its legends rub off over time, but could also be used in smaller devices like tablets or laptops.

Apple also believes that by using glass, it would allow for better backlighting where the entire key could be illuminated, not just the legends. “Additionally, the keycap can more dramatically change color if the backlight illumination changes color. For example, dual-color or RGB LEDs used for backlighting can change the color of a larger proportion of the keycap… The backlighting can change the brightness and color of the entire middle layer aside from the glyph.”

We’re not sure if Apple’s proposal means that we could be looking at keycaps made out of glass, or if the entire keyboard would be made from glass like a massive display. Apple has attempted to reinvent the keyboard with its butterfly switches, only for them to kind of fall flat. That being said, with this being a patent, there’s no way of knowing if Apple has plans to actually make it a reality.

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