For the past several years, Apple’s smartphones have been a mixture between LCD and OLED displays, with the lower-end models using LCD while the more expensive offerings using OLED. However, that is expected to change this year because according to a report from Nikkei, it seems that Apple’s entire iPhone 12 lineup will use OLED screens.

This actually corroborates a claim we had heard back in January 2019 which claimed that Apple’s 2020 lineup will be 100% OLED. It also corroborates some of the claims we had heard a couple of months ago which said that the entire iPhone 12 lineup will use OLED, and that the base model could be priced as low as $649.

In addition to potentially revealing the displays of the iPhone 12 lineup, the report also confirms what we have been hearing lately, and that is Apple could be ditching including accessories with the iPhone 12. It will most likely still come with a charging cable, but it will see Apple ditch things like the EarPods and also power adapter.

Some of the reasons behind this is apparently due to cost-cutting measures and also potentially environmental factors. Given that most of us already have a USB power adapter, there is a chance we might not necessarily need a new one. It could be a controversial decision as some might feel a bit “cheated”, but we’ll have to wait and see, so take it with a grain of salt for now.

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