We have evolved from smart speakers to smart displays, which basically integrates the smarts of a smart speaker with a display. We’ve seen how this makes such devices infinitely more useful, like being able to watch a cooking video while in the kitchen, while also being able to control your smart home devices like light bulbs.

You can also use these smart displays to see who’s at your front door if you have a connected camera or smart doorbell system. Now it looks like Google will be making its Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max smart displays even better because it looks like you will now be able to stream Netflix to them.

According to Google, “Whether you’re listening to music, getting the news or catching up on a popular TV show, your Nest Hub or Next Hub Max keep you entertained while you’re prepping dinner or doing the dishes. It’s also the ultimate cooking companion, with access to tons of YouTube videos ranging from cooking clips to how-to videos. And now, for the first time on any smart display, you can add watching Netflix to your list of kitchen activities: Starting today, Netflix is available on Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. “

Support for Netflix is rolling out Nest Hub and Hub Max devices right now, so you should be able to expect the update soon.

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