The other day, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey confirmed that the company was looking into possibly creating a subscription model for the social media platform. This comes on the heels of reports that ad revenue is down, and so Twitter is looking at other means of generating revenue, and subscriptions are one of them.

However, the question is why would anyone want to pay for a Twitter subscription? Turns out that Twitter has some ideas on how to sell this model to customers, and it comes in the form of special features that only paid subscribers would have access to. According to a tweet by reporter Andrew Roth, this includes features such as the ability to unsend tweets within 30 seconds of it being posted.

It also includes being able to post longer video content where users will be able to upload videos that are 5x the length of current videos. There will also be features that are catered towards businesses, like being able to open positions and make recruitments, and also give users within your organization access to the account by assigning them roles without having to give them access to the account’s username and passwords.

There will also be features such as more custom colors for your Twitter theme and also special badges that show the organization that the person works for, as well as auto responses. Take note that not all of these features may make the cut, this is part of a survey that Twitter has sent out to users asking them for what they’d like to see.

Also, the paid subscription model has yet to be confirmed. Dorsey had only said that they are looking into it but it is unclear yet if the company will actually go ahead with its implementation.

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