The concept of smart clothing isn’t new and we have seen companies like Google work with fashion brands such as Levi’s to create clothing with built-in electronics. However, the concept hasn’t quite taken off yet, but could Apple’s marketing machine, branding, and reputation have what it takes to help kick things off?

We suppose that remains to be seen, especially since the company has yet to debut a product with that kind of technology, but it appears that they might be exploring it. According to a patent discovered by Patently Apple, they have come across a patent by Apple which describes how the company is looking into the idea of integrating electronics into fabrics.

According to the patent, Apple mentions how certain products are obviously more ideal when made using fabrics, like bags and clothing, but they also note that these products might be even more useful when electronic components are integrated into them. It then goes on to mention how these fabrics could be interwoven with insulating and conductive material to allow for electronics to be integrated into them in a way that would make them more feasible and more durable.

While we’re not sure what Apple’s plans are for such a technique, the Apple Watch does come to mind where electronic components could be integrated into the bands of the Apple Watch to provide enhanced features. In any case, with this being a patent there’s no telling if it will ever be made a reality, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

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