project_jacquardRight now when it comes to interacting with objects, we’re still largely relying on familiar interfaces such as touchscreens and physical buttons, keys, knobs, and sliders. However Google is exploring the idea of using non-traditional interfaces to interact with our devices and with Project Jacquard, Google is looking into creating interactive fabrics.

Unveiled at Google I/O, Project Jacquard is basically Google’s way of looking into different ways of interacting with devices. The idea was conceived by the company’s ATAP which is the same group behind Project Tango and Project Ara. The fabric contains conductive material which can take our touches and relays that as a command.

Some of the examples shown off during I/O include the ability to turn on/off lights as well as control music. Google did not divulge too much information about Project Jacquard but the idea is intriguing. Imagine lying on what appears to be a normal pillow only to have that pillow monitor your sleep patterns. Or you could even remotely control your smartphone by patting your jacket, bringing a whole new dimension to wearable technology.

Google is expected to share additional information about Project Jacquard later today so check back with us then for the details. In the meantime what kind of cool and crazy ideas can you come up with using such technology?

[Image credit – Scott Stein/CNET]

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