Headsets for virtual reality setups tend to be bulky because of the displays that they put inside of them. However, it seems that Apple might have an idea for a VR/AR headset that could in theory be more compact as the company is toying with a slightly different idea on how to allow users to see the images or videos in the headset.

Patently Apple has come across a patent filed by Apple in which it suggests that the company is exploring different ways of delivering video content through such a wearable. Based on the patent, it seems to indicate that Apple is thinking about using mini projectors built into the headset which can then beam images directly into the wearer’s pupil.

In addition to being a potential way to reduce the footprint of the headset, using this technology could also dynamically affect the way the person views the images as it is scanned to the wearer’s retinas, thus opening it up to better focusing. It could also help reduce or eliminate the convergence-accommodation conflict which can be found in normal VR systems.

A popular rumor we’ve been hearing is that Apple is apparently developing its own pair of smart glasses. We have no idea how that will take form or when it will be released, so it’s hard to say if this patent is merely Apple exploring an idea, or if it could be a hint of what we might be able to expect.

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