It might be easy to think of the Apple Pencil as a mere stylus, but it is more than that. It features support for things like pressure sensitivity, palm rejection, and also low latency to give off the feeling like you’re drawing with a real pen/pencil. However, it seems that future versions of the Apple Pencil could actually come with a stylus.

This is based on a recently-discovered patent by AppleInsider in which it seems that Apple had actually planned to include a screen in the Apple Pencil itself. This screen would show users information like the current drawing tool that is being used, so users know what they’re working with and would be less prone to mistakes. We imagine that it could also be used to display information like battery levels.

However, before you get too excited, note that this patent was actually filed back in 2013. This means that Apple had actually conceived of such a design way, way back in the day and given that we’re two generations in and there’s still no built-in display, we’re not necessarily sure if it could ever debut in future versions either.

Given how expensive the current Apple Pencil is, we imagine that including a display would drive the prices up even more. In any case, it’s hard to tell if this feature will ever become a reality, but in the meantime, what do you think? Would you like to see a screen built into the Apple Pencil or do you think that there are other things Apple could be better off improving?

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