The next time you go to the moon and decide you want to snap a photo and post it to social media, you’ll be able to thanks to Nokia who has managed to secure $14.1 million in funding from NASA to help roll out infrastructure that would essentially bring 4G connectivity onto the moon.

Of course the introduction of 4G isn’t meant for astronauts to post selfies from the moon, but we suppose if the connection is there, why not? Instead, the availability of internet on the moon is designed to help with communication at greater speeds, better reliability, and also further distances compared to currently-available technology.

Back in the day during the earlier Apollo missions, engineers had to rely on radio communication along with the use of base stations, relays, and a network of transmitters, so it is believed that by using 4G, it could help make the system more efficient. As to why 5G isn’t being used, especially when it is said to be faster?

It is possible that due to certain 5G technologies not being able to cover a greater distance compared to 4G, it isn’t necessarily the ideal choice for now. In any case, we suppose being able to communicate while in space is already quite a technological marvel, so 4G or 5G, it’s still pretty impressive.

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