Google’s Chrome OS is a relatively lightweight operating system that’s perfect for getting some work done, but there are instances when you might require more powerful apps or tools that are only available on other operating systems like Windows. Instead of buying a separate computer, how about using software instead?

The folks at Parallels have announced that their virtualization software is now available for Chromebooks. What this means is that users with Chromebooks who might need to run Windows can do so. For those unfamiliar, Parallels is a pretty popular piece of software used by Mac users who need to run Windows on their Mac computers.

Unlike other solutions that involve dual booting, Parallels can run within the operating system itself, meaning that users can switch back and forth between both operating systems quickly and easily. However, we should note that for now, Parallels Desktop for Chromebooks will only be available on devices that are managed by an Enterprise account.

For non-Enterprise users, you would be out of luck for now, but hopefully there will be a non-Enterprise version in the future. Also, take note that Parallels only offers the software you need to run Windows, and you will need your own copy and a valid license of Windows to complete the entire setup. Parallels Desktop for Chromebook Enterprise is priced at $70 annually per user, and that’s not including the cost of a Windows 10 license.

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