With Apple’s iPhones pretty much switching over to OLED displays, many have wondered when the iPad series will make that transition. It’s not entirely impossible, but the larger screens would represent technical challenges, not to mention it might also see an increase in costs, but if you love the idea of an OLED iPad, you’re in luck.


This is because according to a report from The Elec in Korea, they are claiming that come late 2021, Apple is expected to introduce an iPad Pro with an OLED display. This is actually an interesting rumor because for a while now, we have heard the rumors that Apple could skip OLED on its iPads and use mini LEDs.

However, the report goes on to claim that Apple will introduce mini LED iPad Pros in early 2021, as well as OLED iPad Pros in late 2021. We’re not sure how Apple plans to differentiate between the models, especially since the average consumer might not necessarily know the differences between OLED and mini LED, and might assume one might be “better” than the other.

In any case, we’ll have to wait and see if these rumors pan out, so for now, do take it with a grain of salt.

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