The problem with augmented reality headsets is that it assumes the wearer can see perfectly and does not need to wear prescription glasses. This would hinder the adoption of such devices as there are many people in the world who wear prescription glasses, but it seems that this is something Apple is hoping to solve.

According to a recently discovered patent by Apple World Today, it appears that the company has filed a patent for a pair of AR glasses that can also double up as a pair of prescription glasses. The patent describes a head-mounted display that can also have the lenses removed, meaning that those who need lenses with power for short/far sightedness will (in theory) be able to add them.

It should be pointed out that Apple would not be the first company to make HMDs that are also compatible with prescription glasses. When Google was still making its Google Glass headset, they also came up with a version that supported prescription lenses. Of course, Google’s efforts ultimately did not pan out, so it remains to be seen if Apple will have better luck in the same field.

Apple’s AR glasses have been rumored for quite a while now, and depending on which rumor you subscribe to, it could either debut in 2021 or 2022, so we’ll just have to wait and see (pun intended).

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