It has been rumored for a while that Apple could be working on a car of their own, and a more recent report suggested that the car could actually be launched in 2024. Now according to a new report from Reuters, they have “confirmed” the previous report and added a claim that the car will come with a “breakthrough battery”.

One of the problems with electric cars is the range that it can travel before needing a recharge. As electric car chargers aren’t as common as gas stations, at least for now, it means that electric car owners will need to be more careful when it comes to planning their routes. However, Apple’s so-called breakthrough battery technology is said to come in the form of a monocell design.

This design will see the individual cells in the battery get bulked up and will also free up the space inside the battery pack by eliminating things like pouches and modules. Ultimately, this is designed so that more active materials can be packed inside of it, which in theory should be able to give the car a longer range.

That being said, making and selling a car is no easy feat, especially for a company like Apple who has never done anything like this before. The company does have the resources to embark on such a journey, but whether or not it will pay off remains to be seen.

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