fortnite season 2If there is a reason why Fortnite is as popular as it is, it is because the game is playable across multiple platforms. It also doesn’t have a particularly high set of system requirements which means that those on older PCs can play it as well, although not necessarily at the most ideal settings.

For those who are playing on older PCs and would like to see a boost in performance in terms of framerates, you’ll be pleased to learn that Epic has since announced on their website that they will be introducing a Performance Mode on PC. As the name implies, this will help boost the performance of Fortnite, especially on those with older or lower-end PCs.

According to Epic, “Beginning December 15th, we’re launching a new performance mode on all PCs that meet Fortnite’s minimum specifications. Available in Alpha, Performance Mode will be selectable through the in-game settings menu and offers significant performance gains by trading out visual quality to lower memory usage and lighten the load on CPU and GPU. For players already on low scalability settings or less powerful hardware, this mode will allow the game to run better than ever before and maintain a smoother framerate.”

Like we said, this update seems to be more focused on gamers with older hardware that might prefer having smoother gameplay over better graphics. This is a completely opt-in feature meaning that if you like the game as it is, you won’t have to do anything, but the option is there in case you want to take Epic up on it.

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