When Tidal launched, the service initially targeted audiophiles who might have been able to better appreciate the higher quality streams, although it was a bit too expensive for regular customers who might not have been too picky. Now it looks like Spotify is also interested in giving users that option as the company has announced its own lossless streaming option.

Dubbed Spotify HiFi, this will be a lossless streaming option that is expected to be made available later this year. According to Spotify, this option will allow users to stream music in CD-quality, which means that it should be at a much higher quality than what’s available right now.

The company notes that this will be an option that Premium users can “upgrade” to, suggesting that this could be a separate subscription tier, but how much it will cost remains to be seen. Spotify says that it will begin rolling out in select markets later this year, but have yet to offer a specific date.

That being said, this will also require users to own a device that can take advantage of the feature. If you’re going to be listening to higher quality audio through cheap $10 headphones or speakers, chances are you might not be able to take full advantage of it, so clearly this is aimed at users who might have higher-end audio equipment.

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