There are a lot of things we say in the heat of the moment that on hindsight probably shouldn’t have been said. Thankfully in this digital age, we have the option of being able to take our time to compose our replies before sending it, but in case that still fails, Twitter has your back and wants to stop you from tweeting something you might regret.

The company has announced that they are bringing back its “Review before you tweet” feature. For those unfamiliar, this feature was originally announced back in May 2020. The company had tested it out for a while before hitting the pause button, but now it looks like they are bringing it back.

The feature is rather simple. It will attempt to analyze your comments and if it detects something that sounds antagonistic, it will prompt you to review it. Twitter won’t actually block you from posting it, but asking users to think twice about tweeting could help cut back on unnecessary drama and escalation.

Of course, this doesn’t free you from the consequences of your tweet. If it violates Twitter’s TOS you could find yourself banned, or if your tweet breaks any laws you could also find yourself in legal trouble, get fired from a job, and so on.

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