One of the rules that Apple is implementing with its App Store is the requirement for developers to use privacy labels. These labels basically state what kind of information that the app collects on you, whether it requires access to your microphone and camera, and so on. Obviously these need to be authentic and honest when developers submit them.

However, a report from the Financial Times has revealed that Chinese tech companies aren’t too thrilled by these requirements and have reportedly found a way around them. This will come in the form of a tool where the app will be able to display the required privacy labels, but under the hood will still be able to collect information.

This tool is said to be called CAID and will be able to continue to track user’s activity even without consent, although oddly enough it claims that it does not stand in opposition to Apple’s privacy policy. The association behind the tool claims that they are in active communication with Apple about the matter.

Now clearly this is something that Apple should be concerned about, but apparently they have turned a blind eye to the matter. This is because of the large market that China represents and how they are worried that it could result in many Chinese customers jumping ship if they were to start banning apps that circumvents its privacy labels.

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