Right now, the only OLED devices from Apple are the iPhones and the Apple Watch. However, there have been rumors suggesting that Apple could actually make the jump to mini LEDs for its other products, which is why we have to say we are a bit skeptical to learn about a new rumor from DigiTimes who claims otherwise.

According to DigiTimes, apparently Apple plans to release OLED iPads and MacBooks in 2022. If this is true, then what does this mean for their mini LED products? Does this mean that their mini LED products will basically only have one year before they are replaced, or is Apple skipping mini LEDs entirely?

One of the main reasons why Apple has yet to give its iPads and MacBooks an OLED display is due to cost. Creating an OLED display of that size would be expensive and those costs would undoubtedly be passed down to customers, which is why the rumors are suggesting that Apple could go with the mini LED route.

That being said, it is possible that this rumor could be true. Apple could keep the OLED displays for its higher-end products and configurations, while mini LEDs could be used for base models. Either way, nothing has been confirmed so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

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