If you’ve been used to paying Spotify at a certain price, then you might want to take note because the company has announced that they will be increasing the prices of its service across various regions and also across various plans. However, do note that depending on where you live, some of these changes might not affect you.

According to these changes, Spotify users in the US will only see the price of their family plans change from $14.99 a month to $15.99 a month. Student, Premium, and Duo pricing will remain intact. However, in the UK, Spotify Student pricing will go up from £4.99 to £5.99, while Duo will go from £12.99 to £13.99.

Some parts of Europe, such as Ireland, will also see a price hike of one euro for Student and Duo plans, meaning that they will now be priced at €5.99 and €12.99 per month respectively. The family plan will also be increasing in price from €14.99 to €17.99 a month. Do note that Spotify is giving users one month grace before it kicks in, meaning that these price changes will only come into effect in June.

While no one likes price hikes, this is to be expected as Spotify makes more investments, similar to how streaming services like Netflix have also increased their subscription prices every now and then.

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