Clubhouse is one of the hottest social media apps available at the moment, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that at one point in time, Twitter was actually interested in acquiring the company.  This is according to a report from Bloomberg where they say that Twitter could have spent $4 billion to acquire them.

The report says that Clubhouse has been trying to raise funds with investors, and during those talks, Twitter got involved and discussed a potential valuation at $4 billion. However, it seems that Twitter has ultimately decided not to buy them. It is unclear why, but perhaps they felt that it would simply be cheaper just to develop their own version.

Twitter is working on their own version of Clubhouse called Spaces, but whether or not it will enjoy the same level of success as Clubhouse remains to be seen. Twitter is also not alone in building their own version. We’ve heard reports that Facebook is also interested in developing their own version of Clubhouse, messenger app Telegram has also debuted something similar.

Most recently Discord has also launched something in the same veins called Stage Channels. What’s interesting is that despite Clubhouse being exclusive to iOS and requiring an invite to join, it is quite popular.

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