Apple, like most other huge corporations, acquire companies from time to time to help bolster its products and services. However, a report from Bloomberg revealed an interesting attempt at an acquisition of Verzuz, which for those who are unfamiliar is a website that live streams rap battles.

Yup, it sounds like if Apple was successful, they would have gotten not just into live streaming, but also the whole rap battle genre. The report claims that Apple had shown interest in acquiring the platform and proposed a price, but ultimately it seems that they weren’t successful as Verzuz has since been acquired by Triller, presumably for a higher amount.

We’re not sure what would have happened if Apple had bought the platform. So far most of Apple’s known acquisitions tend to be folded into its products and services. A good example would be Beats Music which was initially a rival to Apple’s attempts at streaming with iTunes Radio. However, Apple later merged the services together and ultimately rebranded it as Apple Music.

It is possible that had Apple acquired Verzuz, they might have simply done so for the talent to maybe improve on Apple Music’s recommendations. Bloomberg, however, speculates that it could have been used to expand on the social networking aspect of Apple Music, but it looks like we’ll never know.

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