When Tidal first launched, the company tried to set themselves apart from the competition by offering up higher-end streams, but no one really paid attention to it, save for audiophiles who might have been on the lookout for such a service. However, it seems that maybe Tidal could have been onto something all along.

This is because shortly after Apple announced a new lossless streaming option for Apple Music and Amazon making its Music HD service free for Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers, it now looks like Spotify wants in on the action as well. This is according to a Reddit post by u/themonarc in which they shared a screenshot of their Spotify app that shows a HiFi icon, suggesting that Spotify could be looking to launch a similar service as well.

If this sounds familiar, it is because back in February, Spotify had actually announced their plans for such a service, although it seems that Apple might have beaten them to the punch. However, the discovery of the icon in the app does seem to suggest that maybe the company could be close to launching it, although how much it will cost (or if it will be a free upgrade) remains to be seen.

Prior to Apple Music launching their lossless streaming option, Spotify had Apple beat in terms of quality. At the highest possible settings, Spotify would stream up to 320Kbps compared to Apple Music’s 256Kbps. By tapping the icon on the app, it brought up a screen that explained that this feature would stream 16-bit 44.1kHz streaming over wired earphones, which is pretty much on par with Apple Music’s lossless option.

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