Apple’s AirTag comes with various privacy features built into it, including one that will help prevent people from using the device to stalk or track other people without their knowledge. However, it is far from a perfect system and given that it’s still a relatively new product, it could stand to be improved upon.

That’s exactly what Apple is doing because the company has recently announced a bunch of changes that they are making that will improve the device’s privacy. One of those changes includes the alert sound that the AirTag makes when it has been separated from its owner. At launch, the AirTag would play a sound after being separated from its owner for three days.

With the change, the AirTag will now emit a sound at a random time within an interval of eight and 24 hours after being separated from its owner. Presumably this is done to make it less predictable.

The AirTag also comes with a feature that lets iPhone users know if an unknown AirTag is located near them, but Apple will also be developing an app for Android users that does the same thing. At the moment AirTags aren’t usable on Android and this new app won’t change that, but it will let Android users be aware should an AirTag be used to try and stalk them.

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