There is no doubt that the Apple Watch has steadily become an important piece of technology for fitness and health enthusiasts. Thanks to its various health sensors and features, we’ve heard countless stories of how the watch has helped people get fit and to exercise more, and how it has even saved lives.

However, Apple envisions the Apple Watch being more than just a health tool. The company envisions the Apple Watch potentially replacing almost everything you would carry on your person, like your wallet and your keys. This was revealed during an interview with Yahoo Finance in which Deidre Caldbeck, director of Apple Watch product marketing, explained some of the changes that Apple made with watchOS 8.

According to Caldbeck, “This is kind of our vision for eventually replacing the physical wallet where you just have everything you need…right on your wrist.” watchOS 8 was announced at WWDC 2021 earlier this month, and some of the features include being able to store digital IDs in the Wallet app, like a driver’s license.

Kevin Lynch, Apple’s VP of technology adds, “You’ll be able to have it in your Wallet. You can see your ID there like your other cards. And then you can present that if you choose to, for example, TSA.” It sounds mighty convenient, although the downside is that losing your watch or if it stops working could present a problem.

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