Apple’s AirPods, like most true wireless earbuds, have been designed to be small so that they can be worn comfortably and be transported easily. However, the fact that they are so small means that they can be easily swallowed, as told by Brad Gauthier in a story that was posted on The Guardian.

According to Gauthier, he put on his AirPods to watch movies in bed before he slept, something that he describes as a habit of his. However, he later woke up to discover one of the earbuds had gone missing, and when he went to drink water, he had trouble swallowing but he did not think anything of it and assumed it was an unusually dry throat.

He later asked his family if they had seen his missing AirPod, to which his son jokingly suggested that maybe he swallowed it. However, as he continued having difficulty swallowing the rest of the day, he started to think that maybe it could be true and he went to the doctor where he was given an X-ray.

Sure enough, lodged into the side of his oesophagus was the AirPod. Gauthier eventually managed to get it out with surgery at an endoscopy center and to his surprise, it still worked, even though it seems that the microphone was slightly damaged in the process.

What’s funny and slightly worrying about this is that this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about this. There have been multiple stories of people, including kids, swallowing their AirPods in the past, and we doubt that this will be the last time we’ll be hearing about this.

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