Twitter lets users mention each other in tweets as a way for users to include other users in their conversations or to get their attention. However, this can be annoying and in some cases, could be used for harassment. Oddly enough short of blocking the person who mentioned you, there’s no way to unmention yourself.

The good news is that could change soon. This is because according to a post by Twitter’s privacy designer Dominic Camozzi, it has been revealed that Twitter is working on a way for users to unmention themselves. From the screenshot of the UI, it seems that this will be a feature in the notifications section where when you are alerted to a mention, you will also have the ability to unmention yourself as well.

It will also be available from the main tweet itself where users can click on the more info menu and then select the option to unmention themselves from the tweet. According to Twitter, when you unmention yourself, it will not notify the person who mentioned you in the first place, similar to when you untag yourself from photos.

Camozzi also revealed that Twitter is working on how when someone you don’t follow mentions you, you have the option of making it so that that person can never mention you again. There is currently no word on when this feature will be released to the public, but it sounds like it will be pretty useful to have.

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