The Apple Car has been rumored about for quite a while now, but to actually make this a reality, Apple would need to find themselves a manufacturing partner. According to a new report from The Korea Times, it seems that the company could actually be in talks with various South Korean manufacturers who will help Apple make their electric car dreams a reality.

The report claims that Apple has been in business talks with various Korean companies. This includes the likes of LG, SK, and Hanwha. However, it seems that these companies might not necessarily build the entire car, but rather help Apple produce some of the necessary components of the car.

For example, the talks with SK are with SK Innovation, a division of the SK Group that makes EV batteries, while talks with LG could be somehow related to the LG Magna e-Powertrain that was the result of a partnership between LG and Magna International. We had previously heard reports that Apple had actually reached out and spoken to various carmakers to see if they would help Apple build their car, but apparently to not much success.

Subsequent reports then claimed that Apple might instead rely on existing partners to help them build their car. It’s hard to say when an Apple Car will become a reality, but from what it sounds like, it feels like it is still several years away so don’t expect to see it anytime soon.

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