One of the features Apple introduced to its Apple Watch a while back is fall detection. This is where the watch can detect when you’ve fallen down and it will then prompt to see if you’re alright. If you don’t respond in a timely manner, the watch will then attempt to get help on your behalf.

Now in a report from ABC, they cite a story from People magazine in which an Apple Watch was credited for saving a man’s life after he had fallen. The man in question, 25-year old Brandon Schneider, was at the hospital after suffering from abdominal pains for several days. While waiting, he went to the restroom where he lost consciousness.

According to Schneider, “I remember washing my hands and thinking to myself, is something going to happen. I don’t remember falling to the ground, or hitting my head, or anything of the events that followed.” However, after falling to the ground, the watch then alerted Schenider’s father who had accompanied him to the hospital who then alerted the hospital staff.

He then underwent CT scans which revealed that he had a fractured skull and life-threatening hematomas which required emergency brain surgery. Schnieder adds, “And so if I if I weren’t in the that in the ER at the time that this occurred, chances are, we might be telling a different story.”

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