Over in the US, Apple is fighting a legal battle against Epic over its App Store fees. In South Korea, Apple pretty much got handed an order saying they have to allow third-party purchase systems, and over in Japan, Apple had to agree to allow reader apps to direct users to external sites to manage their accounts to end an investigation.

It was also last week that Apple announced a concession of sorts where developers can now email their users to inform them of alternative payment methods. Unfortunately, these legal issues are only just the beginning. According to a report from Reuters, it seems that the Competition Commission of India is reviewing an antitrust challenge case against Apple.

The case was brought to them by a non-profit group in the country who claims that Apple’s 30% commission “hurts competition” as it raises the costs for both developers and consumers. To a certain extent that is true, as some developers have increased the price of their subscriptions to make up for the 30% cut, while subscribing directly to them via their website will result in a cheaper price.

The group is essentially asking Apple for the same thing others have been asking, and that is to allow third-party payment methods. Whether or not they will remains to be seen, but the judgement handed down in South Korea definitely sets a strong precedent.

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