The idea of a smartwatch that can make calls sounds like the stuff of science fiction, at least back in the day. However, that “stuff of science fiction” eventually became a reality where we started to get smartwatches with cellular connectivity. In fact, Apple themselves introduced such a watch in the Apple Watch Series 3.

However, according to a tweet by DongleBookPro, apparently that wasn’t always the plan. The Twitter account which is known for documenting various tech prototypes shared some photographs of a prototype Apple Watch Series 2 model. As you can see in the photos, it sports a red crown which is an indication of it having cellular connectivity.

However, as many of you know, Apple only introduced a cellular smartwatch with the Series 3, but these prototypes suggest that Apple was exploring it in the Series 2 already. However, as per the tweet, this plan was scrapped because the modem used in the Series 2 had a 60% or so failure rate and would overheat constantly.

This ultimately led to Apple ditching their plans for a cellular Apple Watch Series 2, instead opting to wait for the Series 3. We’re not sure if it would have made a big difference had it been introduced in the Series 2, but it’s interesting to see the design and development process behind some of today’s more popular gadgets.

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