Yesterday at Apple’s event, the company announced the Apple Watch Series 7. This is the latest in the Apple Watch lineup, but oddly enough the announcement felt kind of short. The company seemed to focus mostly on the slight changes to the design and display of the watch and reiterated some health features, and that was it.

They did not bother to expound on the improvements in performance, but there’s a reason why. According to a tweet by developer Steve Troughton-Smith, the reason is because the Apple Watch Series 7 apparently uses the same chipset as the one in the Series 6. We’re not even talking about a modified version here, we’re talking about exactly the same thing.

What this means is that all Apple did was to change the chassis, give it a larger display, and called it a day. This is a bit odd but according to Guilherme Rambo, he speculates that something might have happened at the very last minute that forced Apple to improvise to come up with a new model.

You might recall that leading up to the official announcement there were rumors that the Series 7 could sport a brand new design. This was obviously not the case as you can see, and Rambo believes that the rumors were true, but something drastic might have happened that resulted in Apple putting those plans on the backburner.

There were rumors about a possible production problem, but given that Apple could not have possibly pulled a new design out of thin air this quickly, we’re not quite sure what happened. This also means that if you were thinking of upgrading, it’s looking like the Series 8 could be much more worth waiting for.

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