When Apple first launched the Apple Watch, they tried to make different versions of it including the $10,000 gold Apple Watch Edition. However, over the years the company scaled back on that and now we only have the Apple Watch, although users can still choose between different materials for the case.

That being said, could Apple be working on a “Pro” model? According to a tweet by Apple Demo, they discovered within the contents of the 2015 Apple Watch demo, there is an image of a logo for the “Apple Watch Pro”, which has since led to a fair bit of speculation as to what this could mean.

Given that this was discovered in 2015 demo files, more than likely this could be a name for a variant of the Apple Watch that Apple either did not release or simply chose not to use. However, at the same time Apple has started to add the “Pro” moniker to its product names in recent times.

For example, we have the iPad Pro, iPhone Pro, and the AirPods Pro, so why not the Apple Watch Pro, right? Either way, we reckon that it’s probably the first reason, which is that this is a name Apple was toying with and never got around to using, so maybe don’t get your hopes up just yet at seeing an Apple Watch Pro model anytime soon.

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