One of the features of Samsung’s newer smartwatches is fall detection. Similar to other smartwatches with the feature, like the Apple Watch, it relies on the device’s accelerometer to determine if you might have fallen down, and if you have, if you don’t respond in a timely manner it will then attempt to call for help.

However, Samsung has announced new updates to the Galaxy Watch 4 where they’ll be improving on the fall detection feature where it will now work even if you are not moving. As the feature previously relied on the accelerometer, there were some instances in which some falls aren’t detected.

According to Samsung, the update will make the feature more intuitive so that it works even if the accelerometer doesn’t detect a fall. Users can pre-select up to four contacts who will be notified when a fall happens. We’re not sure how this will work and if it might cause some false positives, but it might still end up being pretty useful.

We’ve heard many stories in the past of how the Apple Watch’s fall detection has saved lives, whether it’s from an actual fall or if the wearer got into an accident, which the watch thinks is a fall, and calls for help before it’s too late.

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