It can be safely assumed that if you were to plug in a pair of headphones into a computer, phone, or console, that audio would be redirected to the headphones instead of the speakers. For some reason, the Xbox never had that feature and users who use headphones had to mute their speakers separately.

However, the good news for those who find it a very troublesome thing to do is that Microsoft has announced that soon, Xbox users won’t have to go through those motions anymore in the future. The company will be testing out a feature for Xbox Insiders where when a pair of headphones are plugged in, the speakers will automatically be muted.

This is a feature currently only available to those part of the Insider program, which is basically a beta program of sorts, so if you’re not in it, you’ll have to wait for Microsoft to release it to the public. We’re not sure why it took Microsoft this long to roll it out to begin with.

Other consoles like the PS5 already automatically mutes speakers when it detects headphones are in use, plus like we said, this is something commonly found on PCs, phones, and tablets. We suppose it’s better late than never, so hopefully non-Insiders won’t have to wait too long before the feature is available to them.

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