According to the rumors, Apple is working on several headset-like devices for the future. One of the rumored devices is a pair of augmented reality glasses. Now, we’ve seen companies like Google attempt these types of glasses before, and Snap also sells something loosely related with the Snap Spectacles.

However, neither of these devices have truly taken off in any big or meaningful way, so we’re sure that some are skeptical of Apple’s ability to succeed with it, but analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is optimistic of the company’s success. According to Kuo, he believes that Apple’s AR glasses have the potential to sell as many as 1 billion units.

Basically, Kuo had previously stated that Apple is apparently planning to replace the iPhone with these glasses in the next 10 years, so this 1 billion units is essentially current and future iPhone users who might be willing to buy and use these glasses in place of the iPhone. It’s quite an optimistic viewpoint and like we said, to date none of these wearables have shown much success aside from being extremely hyped.

It is possible that in the next 10 years, such devices might be more accepted, but that’s something we’ll have to wait and see for ourselves. In the meantime, would any of you be willing to trade a more traditional smartphone in favor of AR glasses?

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