Are you annoyed that when you see images posted on Twitter in preview, you have to click on it to see the full image? It isn’t that big of a problem, but sometimes for the sake of efficiency, some users might not want to click to see the whole thing, but due to the size of the preview, it can cut off certain parts from the image.

However, Twitter has since made changes to previews on mobile where they have made images bigger so users can see more of it before clicking, and the good news for desktop users is that it looks like Twitter has brought a similar feature onto Twitter for the web as well. This is according to a tweet from the Twitter Support account where they confirmed that this is now available for the web as well.

The tweet says that when users upload an image and see it in the composer, that’s how it will look like on the web. It’s not exactly the most groundbreaking change we’ve seen made to the platform, but it’s one of those quality of life improvements that will hopefully make the experience better for some users.

In the meantime, Twitter has also recently announced the availability of its Twitter Blue subscription in the US, where for $2.99 a month, users get features like the ability to undo tweets.

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