Apple has always touted the Apple Watch as having a pretty durable display, but obviously they’re not necessarily designed to be rugged devices. This is why those who want to use the Apple Watch for more rough purposes tend to buy third-party cases for them to help protect against scratches and cracks.

However, we have been hearing rumors since early this year that Apple could be planning on launching a rugged sports model for the Apple Watch. Clearly that did not make the cut for the Series 7 that launched this year, but in Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter, the journalist claims that for the 2022 lineup, Apple could finally be launching their rugged sports model.

It is unclear what this rugged model could look like, but presumably it could feature a case made out of materials that are more durable to scratches, drops, and knocks. It would be an interesting move by Apple especially since Apple’s products tend to lean towards sleeker designs, so we’re not sure how a rugged watch could look like from Apple’s perspective.

It would be a good way to attract customers though, as those who prefer more rugged and durable designs tend to look towards other brands such as Garmin or Polar, so this could be a way for Apple to attract a new group of users.

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