Twitter has filters and systems in place that can detect when tweets and media uploaded to its platform might not necessarily be appropriate for the public to see. They then put warning labels on these tweets so users roughly know what they might be able to expect should they choose to actually view the tweet.

However, the company has since announced that they will be testing out a new system that will give users more control over these warning labels, where they’ll be able to place warning labels on their own tweets and media uploads. This doesn’t mean that Twitter won’t do anything themselves, but rather users can pre-empt Twitter’s own warning system out of prudence.

This is actually quite a useful feature to have and could be a good way for users to better manage their tweets, especially if they have public accounts and might be worried that what they post could be seen by people who might not have otherwise wanted to see it. As this is a test, not all users will be able to take advantage of this feature, but presumably if testing goes well and the feedback is good, Twitter should eventually roll it out for more users in the future.

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