Retweeting on Twitter is a pretty popular thing that many people do. It’s a great way for users to share tweets belonging to others with their own followers, in case they miss out on something or if they want to add their own opinion to it.

For all you avid retweeters out there, the good news is that Twitter is looking to shake things up in the retweeting department. The company has announced that they have started to test out a new feature in which it would allow users to retweet while also posting a video reaction to it at the same time.

This means that if you want to add your own thoughts that aren’t necessarily in written form, maybe you want to say more than what Twitter will let you write, or maybe you think expressing your thoughts in video is better, then this is a feature that you can look forward to.

That being said, you could always create your own video reaction in response to a tweet, but this is more like an official feature that will make it a bit more seamless. There is no word on when the feature will be rolling out to the public, so keep an eye out for it if you think that this is something you might be able to appreciate.

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