Twitter’s platform has always been about microblogging, where users post their thoughts within a fixed number of characters or less. This is the perfect tool for delivering your ideas or just thoughts that pop into your head, but what if you have something longer that you want to say?

Usually in these cases, Twitter users have to either link users to a different website like Medium, or write their post down in another app, take a screenshot, and then upload it as a photos. However, that could change soon according to researcher Jane Manchun Wong who discovered that Twitter could be working on letting users post long form articles.

According to the post, it shows that Twitter is working on something called “Twitter Articles”. While it does not say what it does, it has been speculated that this is where Twitter could allow users to post long form articles within their own profile and on Twitter’s platform. So instead of driving users to another website, Twitter could use it to keep users using their platform instead.

This could also work in the favor of creators who might have generated a large following on Twitter, so instead of trying to persuade their followers to visit a different website, keeping it within Twitter could see creators leverage their followers. There is no word on when the feature will be released, so we’ll just have to wait.

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