MICROOLED has announced the integration of its ActiveLook “Light AR” technology with the Cadence app, catering to the running and cycling community. This collaboration, effective from March 27th, 2024, promises to revolutionize the training experience for athletes.

Cadence, renowned for its innovative approach to fitness apps, will now support the ActiveLook technology. ActiveLook, developed by MICROOLED, is a heads-up display technology designed for connected eyewear. It boasts features like lightweight design, low energy consumption, and extended battery life, enhancing the user experience.

The integration of ActiveLook with Cadence brings forth a new era of fitness training. Athletes can now access real-time data such as speed, distance, heart rate, power, and elevation gain directly projected onto their glasses’ lenses. This immersive experience allows users to stay focused on their activity without the need for interruptions, thereby ensuring safety and optimizing performance.

ActiveLook’s compatibility with Cadence caters to athletes of all levels, from casual enthusiasts to seasoned professionals. The lightweight design of ActiveLook glasses, weighing only 36g, coupled with superior power efficiency, ensures comfort for extended use. Athletes can seamlessly connect their glasses to the Cadence app via Bluetooth, unlocking a plethora of immersive workout data.

Eric Marcellin-Dibon, CEO of MICROOLED, emphasized the significance of this partnership in redefining how athletes interact with their performance data. He anticipates that this collaboration will set a new standard in wearable display solutions for athletes, enhancing efficiency and maximizing potential.

For those interested, the Cadence app is available for free on the App Store (with optional subscription tiers for enhanced features). ActiveLook’s connected glasses, compatible with Cadence, can be purchased from engoeywear.com.

MICROOLED has also developed a proprietary interface, offered for free, to foster an entire ecosystem around their glasses. This patented software, based on Bluetooth LE (BLE) technology, ensures efficient transmission of intelligence and information with minimal impact on consumption.

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