We live in an age where it’s increasingly important for all of our things to be “smart.” From smartglasses to smartwatches, the idea is that almost everything we use should be internet-connected and much more efficient than it has ever been. A nifty little device called Sensibo is on a mission to make air conditioners smart. Its compatible with any AC that works with a remote control and since it uses 3M: Command mounting tape, you literally just have to slap it on. No complex wires or installation guides to digest.

There’s a companion app for Sensibo through which users can control it. Remotes will continue to work as well. An intuitive menu lets users control main AC operation. The app is capable of using geofencing to cool or heat the home before you arrive. It can regulate temperature based on your comfort level. Instead of trying find the perfect temperature just tell Sensibo how you feel, options like “very hot” or “a little hot” can be selected.

The AC will be operated at an optimal temperature since Sensibo is internet connected and aware of temperature and humidity levels as well as capable of learning your habits and adapting to your lifestyle.


It uses iBeacon technology to detect your indoor location. If it detects that a room is empty the AC is automatically turned off, the company behind it claims this results in 40 percent savings in AC energy usage. It can alert you when the ACs filters need cleaning and can adjust the climate and energy profile based on the current activity.

Those who have multiple AC units in their house can have total control over them with a Sensibo Hub. It hooks up to the home router and then connects to a Sensibo Pod attached to each unit.

An indiegogo campaign has been started to raise funds so that production can begin. The company needs $70,000 and only two days in more than half of the required amount has already been raised. The lowest you can pledge right now to get a Sensibo smart hub + one Pod is $79, a significant discount over the $159 retail price. Delivery is expected by January 2015.

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