Evening Breeze beds helps you cool down during those hot nights

Getting a good night’s rest often involves making sure the temperature is right, which is where a heater comes in handy for those winter wonderland moments, while an air conditioner is perfect when the night is hot and humid. The Evening Breeze range of beds go the extra mile by featuring bed posts and canopies that have their very own ventilation systems, pulling air from under your bed while cooling it down and dehumidifying it, followed by “exhaling” it over you. No idea on whether the temperature can be adjusted or not, but at least it ought to prevent you from sweating it out. At $4,500 a pop, it is one of the pricier beds to have, but you can boast to your other half that it saves up to 60% to 80% of your electricity consumption when compared to a regular air conditioner. The Return On Investment should be a pretty long period then…


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