Air ConditionerAs if the intense heat wave and drought over in the sunny state of Texas wasn’t enough for its citizens to deal with, it looks like the state has to deal with yet another menace – air conditioner thieves. It’s been reported that there has been an increase in the number of air conditioner thefts this summer, and while it may sound like nothing more than a terrible prank, it’s more serious than it seems. While it probably wasn’t the intention of the thieves to cause anybody harm, their actions might have even contributed to the death of an elderly Dallas woman last month.

These thieves don’t steal air conditioners to make people sweat at home or to kill people. According to a Houston police Sergeant, they’re aiming for something more. The air conditioner thieves are selling the copper and other metal parts found inside the units for good money. But they’ve been taking things a little too far, by even targeting churches. Now the Trinity Baptist Church in Willis has new locks, and motion lights to improve security.

While there’s no word of when the thievery will stop, or how close the authorities are to putting an end to these crimes, it looks like Texans will have to be extra careful and safeguard their air conditioners until then. Anybody experience having an air conditioner stolen before?

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