angry_birds_movieAs you might have heard, an Angry Birds movie is in the works and while it might seem like Rovio is trying to milk the franchise for all its worth, we have to admit that the trailer is pretty hilarious and hopefully the movie will be too. That being said if you are a fan of post-credit scenes, you might want to stick around after the movie has ended.

Rovio has recently revealed that the upcoming movie will have a post-credit scene, but the catch here is that you will need a copy of the Angry Birds Action! game and you will also need your phone to be present. Apparently how this works is through a technology Rovio calls “Movie Magic”. Basically it will play an inaudible digital watermark during the credit sequence that will then activate the post-credits scene on moviegoers who are running the game on their phone.

According to Rovio, “By going to see The Angry Birds Movie in the cinema during the opening weekend and sticking around for the credits, audience members with the game open on their device get treated to more Movie Magic – a whole new area of the game to explore and an additional exclusive movie clip that can’t be seen anywhere else but inside  Angry Birds Action!”

It sounds a lot like Rovio is trying to generate interest in the game again by having players download it (if they haven’t already) just to watch this scene, but either way it does sound like an interesting use of technology so maybe it might be worth checking out. The Angry Birds movie has been pegged for a release on the 13th of May, and the game can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store or Google Play depending on your platform.

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