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Apple Reportedly Running Secret Car Lab In Berlin
For over a year now we’ve constantly been hearing that Apple is interested in making an all-electric and possibly self-driving car. The company is said to have poached employees from top legacy automotive firms and even relative newcomers like Tesla which has already made a name for itself in the electric car market. A new report suggests that Apple is running a secret car lab in Berlin where a few dozen […]

Apple Reportedly Buying/Leasing Buildings For Project Titan
Are Apple’s plans for their Project Titan electric car on hold? Last we heard, Jony Ive had reportedly placed a hiring freeze on the project, and Apple’s CEO Tim Cook indicated that it could be a long time before anything can even be confirmed. However it seems that the project could be back on track according to a report from the Silicon Valley Business Journal (via 9to5Mac).

Analyst Thinks Apple Car Could Cost $75,000
There is a rumor going around that Apple could be making a car of their own. The company’s recent hires, many of which are from the automotive industry, seem to point towards that. While it’s unclear as to what kind of features or specs the alleged car will sport, we’re sure many are curious about how much it could cost.

Tim Cook On Apple Car: It’s Going To Be Christmas Eve For A While
Earlier this week, the closest thing we’ve gotten to confirmation that Apple is building a car of their own was when Apple’s CEO Tim Cook acknowledged that the company was simply exploring the idea. However it seems that his answer wasn’t good enough because during the company’s annual shareholder meeting on Friday, Cook was asked again about the rumored Apple Car.


Tim Cook: Apple Is Only 'Exploring' Cars
There has been a lot of speculation about Apple’s car plans. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has even said that it’s an open secret that Apple is working on an electric car. The company itself hasn’t addressed these reports as yet but CEO Tim Cook has dropped an indication now which could mean that we might have to wait for a considerably long time before we get to see an Apple […]

Apple Has Placed A Hiring Freeze On Its Car Team
Another day, another report about Apple’s rumored automotive ambitions. It’s claimed that after being unhappy with the direction and progress of this project Apple has decided to place a hiring freeze on the team that’s working on its car. For a couple of years now it has been rumored that Apple is building a car, Tesla CEO Elon Musk went so far as to say that Apple’s car plans are […]

Manager Leading Apple's Electric Car Project Departing The Company
For over a year now it has been rumored that Apple is secretly working on an electric car project, Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk has said that Apple’s electric car plans are an open secret, and that makes us wonder if and when the company is going to reveal some information about this project to the public. That might take a long time but if a new report is […]

Elon Musk: Apple’s Electric Car Project Is An “Open Secret”
It has long been rumored that Apple is working on an electric car, and Apple’s hires over the past year or so seems to indicate that Apple has some kind of interest in automotive technology. However Apple’s secretive nature also means that to date, we have yet to get any kind of confirmation from the Cupertino company.That being said, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has pretty much said that Apple’s plans […]

Apple Found Registering Car-Related Domains
Is the Apple Car an actual thing, or are we reading too much into things? Given Apple’s secretive nature, we suppose we’ll never know until they actually announce it, but in the meantime it looks like there is mounting evidence to suggest that Apple could be somewhat interested in cars.Recently it has been discovered that Apple has been going about registering domain names that are related to cars. For example […]

Electric Car Company Faraday Rumored To Be Front For Apple
Recently a mysterious electric car company called Faraday Future has been making the headlines. The company has zero product but apparently due to the fact that it is backed by huge resources has many curious as to who this company might be, which at the same time has also led to speculation that it could be a front for Apple and the company’s electric car plans.The company has recently announced […]

Apple’s Latest Hire Fuel Apple Car Rumors
The Apple Car is a project that Apple is rumored to be working on. So far there has been quite a few pieces of evidence to suggest that Apple does have an interest in automobiles, and it looks like the latest hire just gave more details away. As spotted by Electrek, Apple has recently hired an engineer by the name of Rónán Ó Braonáin.Yes, we know that Apple tends to […]

Steve Jobs Thought About Apple Making A Car Back In 2008
Over the past few months it has been rumored again and again that Apple is considering making a car, a product that the company has never made before, it would be entering an industry that’s significantly different than the one it has been operating in for decades. Apparently the company didn’t just decide one day that it should build a car, Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs actually thought about […]

Tim Cook Says Car Industry Is Ripe For 'Massive Change'
If you are fed up with rumors about Apple working on an electric car then the latest statement from CEO Tim Cook isn’t going to make your life easier, Cook has said that the car industry is ripe for “massive change,” though he doesn’t say that Apple will bring that change his statement is enough to leave us guessing what Apple’s intentions are for the future.

Apple’s Hiring Of Manager From Fiat Chrysler Fuels Apple Car Rumors
Could Apple be working on an electric/self-driving car of their own? It is possible that maybe the company could be toying about with the idea, but a recent hire of Doug Betts who used to be the manager for Fiat Chrysler’s global quality efforts seems to have fueled the rumors that Apple is indeed working on such a vehicle.This is according to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal […]