Apple TV and the HomePod currently exist as two separate products, but if a recent report from Bloomberg is to be believed, there is a chance that a future Apple TV could end up being an Apple TV/HomePod hybrid, where it will be a device that has the capabilities and functionality of two devices in one.

In a way, this isn’t that surprising nor is it new. Google has done something similar with its Nest WiFi, where it acts as a mesh router but also combines the capabilities of a smart speaker. If Apple were to embark on such a journey, it could result in a device that can play TV shows and movies, but at the same time be capable of controlling your home’s smart lights and other gadgets, plus if you had a smart doorbell, you would be able to stream the feed to your TV as well.

However, there is the question of whether or not such a device could be made a reality. Bloomberg does point to how back in 2020, Apple apparently combined their HomePod and Apple TV engineer groups together, which means that in theory, both groups could end up collaborating on such a device.

However, once again despite there being a possibility that this device could exist, it’s hard to say if it will become an actual product we can buy. An earlier report from Bloomberg suggested that a concept Apple is said to be working on is a HomePod with a robotic arm that can hold an iPad.

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