As some of you have probably heard by now, the lawsuit between Apple and Epic is kind of over. As part of the ruling, the judge had ordered Epic to pay Apple $6 million which is how much the company owes for violating the App Store’s rules, combined with 30% of what Epic made from in-app purchases from Fortnite that used a third-party payment system.

In a tweet by Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney, he has announced that the company has since paid up the $6 million due to Apple. We expected a bit of resistance on that part since Epic did state that they are planning on filing an appeal, but we suppose it is possible that if they win the appeal, they might be able to get their money back.

The ruling found both parties to be guilty of various issues, like Apple for engaging in anti-competitive behavior, and Epic for violating the App Store’s rules. It also saw Apple being forced to allow developers to communicate with users to let them know about third-party payment methods.

Epic had previously tried to convince Apple to allow Fortnite back onto the App Store, but Apple shot them down stating that they would welcome Epic back if they agreed to play by the same rules as other developers.

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