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AT&T BlackBerry Priv Gets Marshmallow Update
AT&T subscribers who own a BlackBerry Priv will be delighted to find out today that the carrier has finally started rolling out Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow for this handset. The latest iteration of Android has been available for the unlocked version of this handset for a couple of months now while T-Mobile released it for the Priv on its network last month.

BlackBerry Not Ruling Out Future BB10 Smartphones
According to the rumors, BlackBerry is working on at least 3 new Android handsets. From what we can tell, it certainly sounds like the Canadian company has fully embraced the Android operating system, which some have taken to mean that moving forward we shouldn’t expect BB10 devices anymore.

BlackBerry Reassures That The Keyboard Isn’t Going Anywhere
Earlier we reported that the BlackBerry Classic had been discontinued as per the official announcement from BlackBerry. While they only stated that the Classic was discontinued, we guess there were some who might have interpreted it to mean that BlackBerry was done with the keyboard for good.

BlackBerry Classic Will Be Officially Discontinued
The BlackBerry Classic was launched in 2014 and it essentially represented a handset that reminded us of the good old days of BlackBerry back when they used to be king. However fast forward to today, BlackBerry has decided that the Classic will be no more and according to a post on its blog, they have announced that the handset will be discontinued.


BlackBerry Denies Confirming End Of BlackBerry 10 Production
It has been a while since BlackBerry released a handset powered by its own BlackBerry 10 OS, so naturally, there is speculation about the future of this platform particularly when the next crop of handsets from BlackBerry is expected to run Android. It was reported yesterday that BlackBerry had sent a letter to Verizon and AT&T confirming that it had ceased production of BB10 OS devices but the company has […]

BlackBerry ‘Neon’, ‘Argon’, ‘Mercury’ Android Phones In The Works [Rumor]
Earlier this year, BlackBerry’s CEO confirmed that we could expect at least two new Android smartphones. So far there have been several leaks of at least one of the devices which is codenamed Hamburg, named after a city in Germany. However it seems that’s not all that BlackBerry could be working on.

Alleged BlackBerry Hamburg Photo Surfaces
It has been a while since BlackBerry released a new handset and it’s believed that the company could introduce at least one Android-powered mid-range handset next month. The new handset is believed to be the TCL-made BlackBerry Hamburg. An alleged picture of the Hamburg has surfaced online today along with the rumor that it might be called the BlackBerry NEON.

BlackBerry’s New Smartphones Could Be Announced Next Month
We know that BlackBerry is working on new handsets and that they are expected to be launched later this year, but the question is when? Prior to this, a certain BlackBerry Hamburg was spotted online but we still did not know when the phone could be announced, or at least until now where we might have a clue as to when.

BlackBerry Hamburg Manufacted By TCL Shows Up Online
A couple of years ago, BlackBerry announced that it was outsourcing manufacturing of mid-range smartphones to contract manufacturers in a bid to save its ailing smartphone business. Rumor has it that the company is working with TCL Corporation for the mid-range Hamburg smartphone and now a TCL-made BlackBerry Hamburg has surfaced online, suggesting that this partnership is indeed real.

BBM Video Calling Goes Live In Asia-Pacific
BlackBerry has been rolling out the beta version of BBM Video over the past few weeks. The feature has already been introduced in the United States and Canada, it enables people using iPhones and Android devices to make video calls to each other. The feature is already available to BlackBerry 10 OS users. The company has announced that BlackBerry Messenger video calling is now live in the Asia-Pacific region.

BlackBerry Priv Gets $100 Discount
Are you in the market for a new Android device? Perhaps you might want to look at what BlackBerry’s offering. The company has announced today that its first Android-powered smartphone is now available for $100 less than its usual retail price, that’s because this is a promotion BlackBerry’s running for Father’s Day because apparently the only people left who would still consider owning a BlackBerry are from the generation of our […]

T-Mobile Suspends BlackBerry Priv Online Sales
Things haven’t really been going well for BlackBerry’s smartphone business. A recent report revealed that AT&T is seeing a very high rate of return for the company’s first Android-powered handset, and now it appears that T-Mobile has suspended online sales of the Priv. Both carriers have been selling the handset for some time now but it doesn’t look like their customers have come out in droves to purchase a new […]

BlackBerry Priv Performing Worse Than Imagined
It’s no secret that BlackBerry is no longer a force to be reckoned with in the smartphone market. It has bled market share over the past decade so much so that it’s now on the brink of extinction. The company had placed great faith in its first Android-powered handset, the BlackBerry Priv, but even it doesn’t appear to have done much to improve its fortunes. A new report suggests that […]

BlackBerry Wants Unlocked Priv To Receive Software Updates
The folks over at BlackBerry have stepped forward, citing that they are currently looking for a way so that its software updates will be able to end up on the BlackBerry Priv – in particular, the unlocked model that hails from AT&T. Apparently, there has been an issue with that handset that might just prevent updates from happening.