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John Chen Reassures That The QWERTY BlackBerry Will Live On
Yesterday BlackBerry made the official announcement that they would no longer be remaining in the hardware business. Instead the company will be focusing on software development, and will also be licensing its brand so that other companies can make BlackBerry devices in the future. It sounded like like this was pretty much the end, at least as far BlackBerry-designed phones are concerned.

BlackBerry Calls It Quits On Hardware, Will Outsource Instead
Last week there was a rumor that BlackBerry could be considering exiting the phone business, and as it turns out, the rumors were true. During the company’s latest financials (via MobileSyrup), the Canadian company has officially announced that they will be exiting the hardware development game.

BlackBerry DTEK60 Possibly Revealed
You might be reading rumors these days which suggest that BlackBerry may soon shut down its handset division. On the contrary, there have been multiple reports suggesting that the company is gearing up to launch the DTEK60, a new handset we’ve previously known by its codename “Argon.” This handset has already received the relevant certifications and now it may have been revealed in a leaked render.

BlackBerry DTEK60 Gains FCC Certification
We recently saw speculation about the future of BlackBerry’s handset business which continues to lose money but it appears that the company is not giving up on hardware just yet. There have been whispers of a new handset in the pipeline codenamed Argon and now that device has picked up its FCC certification. The official moniker mentioned in the FCC filings is DTEK60. BlackBerry released the mid-range DTEK50 a couple […]


BlackBerry Phone Business Closure Rumored For September 28th
BlackBerry is no longer the giant it once was. The company’s handsets don’t even account for one percent of the global smartphone market and yet it continues to sell its devices. It has been well over a year since BlackBerry launched a flagship handset and all this time there have been rumors about the future of its phone business. It’s now being rumored that BlackBerry may announce the closure of […]

BlackBerry Heads Back To South Korea With The Priv
It has been more than three years since BlackBerry decided that it was no longer feasible to sell its smartphones in South Korea. The company released several handsets during that period but none of them were officially released in the company. That changes today. BlackBerry has now returned to South Korea after three years and this time it’s not hawking a phone that runs its own operating system. It’s selling […]

BlackBerry Smartphones Return To Korea After Three Years
BlackBerry once used to rule the global mobile market but times have changed. Even some of the organizations that held onto BlackBerry handsets the longest have now started jumping ship. The company’s hardware business has been under constant pressure for the last couple of years and despite rumors of its imminent demise, BlackBerry continues to soldier on. Three years after exiting South Korea’s smartphone market, BlackBerry today confirmed that it’s […]

BlackBerry Patches Quadrooter Vulnerability On The PRIV & DTEK50
Earlier this month it was reported that phones sporting a Qualcomm chipset had a security vulnerability called Quadrooter. Qualcomm themselves have since patched it and have released that patch to OEMs so that they can fix their phones, so now the ball is in pretty much every OEM’s court.

BlackBerry Hub Now Available For All Android Handsets
BlackBerry has decoupled one of the best software features of BlackBerry 10 OS and is now offering it for all Android handsets that are running Marshmallow. You might have heard about BlackBerry Hub which combines social networking, emails, texts, and other accounts in one dashboard. It was previously limited to BB10 OS devices as the company’s Android smartphones but BlackBerry has announced today that the Hub+ is now available for […]

BlackBerry Launches New Android Smartphone Called DTEK50
BlackBerry said it would talk about new handsets this week and it has kept that promise. The company today announced its second Android-powered smartphone, it has a very unusual name, it’s called the DTEK50. BlackBerry touts it as “the world’s most secure Android smartphone.” Pre-orders for the handset are now open in the United States as well as in a handful of markets across the globe.

Alleged BlackBerry ‘Neon’ Photo Leaked Online
We have to say that right now we are a little confused with the phones BlackBerry has up their sleeves. We heard rumors about a certain Hamburg, but then another device codenamed Rome made an appearance on Geekbench. Let’s not forget that earlier this month rumors of a trio of BlackBerry handsets codenamed Neon, Argon, and Mercury were leaked.

BlackBerry Handset Codenamed ‘Rome’ Spotted On Geekbench
So according to the rumors, there is a BlackBerry handset codenamed “Hamburg”, but it also seems that there could be another BlackBerry device codenamed “Rome” that was recently spotted on Geekbench, which means that come next week, we could be treated to maybe more than one BlackBerry phone.

BlackBerry Hamburg Spotted At The FCC
Word on the street has it that BlackBerry is working on at least one device called the Hamburg. We’ve seen photos of the handset in leaks, and it looks like it could be getting ready for a launch soon as it has been spotted at the FCC, indicating that the handset is getting itself certified for a release in the US if and when that happens.

BlackBerry Will Talk About New Handsets Next Week
It has been quite some time since BlackBerry released a new handset. Recent reports suggest that its first Android-powered smartphone – the BlackBerry Priv – didn’t perform as well as it would have hoped. There’s speculation about the future of its handset business once again particularly following the end of the BlackBerry Classic’s production but the company isn’t bowing out of the handset market just yet. BlackBerry CEO John Chen […]